Clemile and Jane Suire

Clemile and Jane Suire were married on May 7, 1952.  They had four children; one daughter, Peggy Breaux, married to John Breaux; and three sons, Mark Suire, married to Kathy Mouton Suire; Olen Suire, married to Melissa Smith Suire; and John Suire, married to Patty Sarver Suire.  Two things you could say for sure is that Jane and Clemile loved their family and they loved to dance!  They shared that love of music and dance with their friends and family. If there was a New Year’s Eve party with dancing involved, you could bet they would be there.  They would also be found dancing in places like Gilley’s in Texas and on the streets of our own International Rice Festival here in Crowley.  Jane would always carry a little pair of soft dancing shoes in her bag when they would go out.  She was always ready when her beau would signal, “let’s dance”.  Clemile and Jane would stand out on the dance floor at a family wedding reception with their smooth moves as they would glide across the floor.  But the fondest memories are dancing with them at family gatherings at their house on the living room floor or at the camp right in the middle of the kitchen.
Because of their love to dance, it is with great pleasure and so fitting that this year’s Dancing With The Stars is being presented by the Clem & Jane Suire Memorial Fund.  If you knew them, consider yourself blessed.  If you did not have the pleasure of knowing them you will get a glimpse into their life tonight and may we suggest, “let’s dance”!

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